Shannon Schafer


For over 25 years I have worked with the special needs community including many private special needs schools, a number of public schools in the Mercer County area with special education programs and organizations like POAC, Autism Services and Special Olympics, NJ. I believe in working closely with non-profit highly respected organizations that do great things for kids, adults and their families as it aligns with the core values of Inclusion Sports Performance Training.

Community service, giving back and paying it forward is engrained in every part of my career and life. I can’t imagine doing anything more worthwhile. Starting my own company (Inclusion Sports Performance Training, LLC and a non-profit (We Care Special Sports) for families of children with special needs has been a lifelong dream fueled by so much passion and inspiration.

I have been touched by so many families over the years and being a resource for families is truly important to us here at Inclusion Sports Performance Training. I vowed many years ago to make sure parents would have a welcoming and inclusive place to bring their children, a place where possibilities are limitless and that’s what we do at Inclusion Sports Performance Training.